Plymouth Barbican NightlifeAlthough an old city, Plymouth was extensively reconstructed after World War II and the city centre has a modern shopping centre and many attractions, old and new. Plymouth's historic naval base conjures memories of famous seafarers such as Sir Francis Drake and the Pilgrim Fathers. 

The attractions include the Hoe, where Sir Francis Drake is said to have continued his game of bowls despite the approach of the Spanish Armada. On the Hoe is Smeaton's Tower, which is the upper part of the dismantled Eddystone Lighthouse. The Barbican (see picture) is the site of the original port settlement which was known as 'Sutton' and contains many old and interesting buildings. Sutton Pool was the departure point of the Pilgrim Fathers when they headed for the New World on the Mayflower. Also at Sutton Pool is the largest aquarium in the UK - the National Marine Aquarium.